I’m pretty sure Daisy is a teddy bear.



Bottega Veneta

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Not too much longer… #danielwilliamspomade


2014 marks the beginning of the soup boys, and what will no doubt grow into a major cycling juggernaut amongst the lower grades of local cycling. if you’re from Melbourne and into bikes, pizza, cake, american rap songs, shisha, gyros and italian hot chocolate you will be welcomed with open arms. Accompanying the regular post work city laps is a new addition to the calendar; Domain Laps. Before the harsh mistresses of work and uni life begin each day, the soup boys will gather in the leafy surrounds of the melbourne botanic gardens and the kings domain to come together and punch out a few laps through parklands and the bourgeois properties of the inner inner south east, chasing sprint points and strava KOM’s before finishing at brunettis in city square for a quick warm [or cold] beverage before departing ways to earn them dollars or get that education. All are welcome, for any more information just drop me an ask.

Spew material for the ride home. 🚴☕️🍴

I fucked up

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I feel like my heart is going to explode.